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Default Re: A possible solution to the post-count ranking system?

Originally Posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-
We had the member voted ranking system before and it didn't last very long as people abused it and voted negatively based on how much they liked/hated a member regardless of what the member has done in the forums. It was used as a personal vendetta ranking system. I vote no.

I wouldn't mind if they removed post count altogether though. That would cut down on the spamming.
I don't think the ranking/rep system would work well here either. I would be just as happy without the post count, honestly, but it doesn't bother me that its there either.

I'm just glad this site is here, period. It's my home. I love you guys, and not in the homoerotic fapping way either. There are so many good people here that its a shame we get so upset when a few asshats try to ruin the party.
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