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Default Re: Help overclocking my E6750 alittle more!?

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
what? looser timings than 5-5-5-15?
U tried lowering the multiplier?? I've seen them CPU's running 4.0. Mine'll go to 3.7 but there is no performance gain cos this Striker has a stupid 420mhz FSB strap. I couldn't get past about 3.2 with 9x but 8x gives me alot more scope for CPU clocks.

As u can see in my sig i've not had to increase the timings either.

Xion's right about the vCore too. Going from 1.45 to 1.5 enabled a huge leap in overclockability for me. Just make sure it's an actual 1.5v and not a 1.5v setting. Mine's set to 1.525v on Auto which gives me a totally stable 1.5v (actual).
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