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Default Re: Help overclocking my E6750 alittle more!?

Look, just set your multiplier at 9x in your BIOS, set your FSB at 378, set your RAM at 756, and set your CPU voltage at 1.5v. That outta get you stable at 3.4GHz. 1.5v should allow you a ceiling all the way to 3.5GHz or so just by increasing the FSB a little at a time and setting your RAM exactly twice your FSB speed.

But for heavens sake.. reduce the voltage on your RAM before it melts into your memory slots. 2.0-2.1v should be enough.

What's the default multiplier?
Should be 9x with that proc, but some mobos will default to 8 for some reason. He definitely needs to set that to 9 since he has 800MHz RAM.

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