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Default Re: Help overclocking my E6750 alittle more!?

I'm not trying to crap on Xion here cos I know he's got far more experience than me, but I would say:

8x, 1.5 vCore, 800mhz FSB (or 1600mhz depending on how your BIOS displays it), 1:1 ratio RAM (try messing with the 'sync' setting if ya have it), 2.2v on ya RAM and set your timings to 'Auto' while you're messing with the CPU.

Work up from here 5mhz at a time. When you find the max OC, start messing with the timings a bit.

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Hmm, good find. I didn't take into account the 1333FSB. That would certainly explain why he can't set it to 9x.
Just type 'intel support' in to Google and put your CPU no. in the box on the Intel page. They're all there, right back to the P4's.

EDIT: Just checked here >> Your default memory voltage is 2.2 -+.1

I'm going to bed now dude so good luck and I hope it works out well for ya!
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