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Yes, indeed you are a troll...
Are you the pot or the kettle in this conversation?

Does anyone really believe that a couple of programmers can do the job better than a couple of hundreds of thousand programmers?
Of course I believe that. nVidia's programmers have all the specs, quirks, known bugs, etc right in front of them. You really believe the fact that there's more people working on the rest of the kernel would make the nVidia driver better? Hell I bet the majority of your 'hundreds of thousand programmers' working on the kernel would never even look at the nVidia driver source if it was there just because they're too busy working on whatever they maintain. Would you really want someone like Al Viro submitting patches for a video driver? I mean no disrepsect to Al, but his expertice isn't in that field at all.

Oh, and the Linux drivers truly suck, the worst part of code i got in my system, Nvidia programmers should be ashamed of themselves...
Then stop bitching and work on making the OSS nv driver better. Once you get that doing 2D and 3D as well as the nVidia driver works for me, you can bitch all you want.
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