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Unhappy Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

As someone said before, I'm sure that nvidia employees are giving their maximum considering the available resources.
The truth, in my opinion, is that even if all nvida+linux users changed for a ati that wouldn't make much difference.
You have to consider that probably we are less that 5% of all nvidia users, and that's an optimistic value.
So I believe that if money was the factor, then we would be in a bad position to say anything.

I also believe that if nvidia would release their drivers/specs things would go much better.
With the help of the community bugs would be corrected much faster.
That's because WE are suffering, therefore eager to get things working.
If things don't work our life can get complicated.
I have to work, I don't have time to worry about drivers.
And I need a GPU because that's what I do. I work with graphics.

Actually it's interesting to see that some people say that they have stability with some drivers.
I would like to know how?
For my old PIII/GeForce I tried all drivers and it never was stable.
Sometimes I would get a lock in less that one day, sometimes I would get almost a month of uptime.
But never better.
On my new laptop (with a 7400) I have tried drivers 96.*.* and the 100.14.* and I keep having the same problems.
Soft locks, for about 30 sec randomly.
Soft locks, but "forever" but you can recover the X if you restart it. (I'll tell you how)
And finally hard locks. This one less often but when it happens I really have to restart (reset) the pc.

Well at least I got really happy when I noticed that the black window bug was corrected.
I made me feel like there's still hope.
Things can be fixed.
Now you just need to fix the locks.

Or maybe let the community help.
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