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Default Re: ahh irc...

Originally posted by prydah
real time chatting and a great place for information...

of all sorts

if i never got into irc, i probably would never have found out about which had a link to and ive been here ever since...

in fact ever since i clicked on link from and read a few lines (the title bar which said something like ...a great place for nVidia news...), i made it my homepage back in november/december 2000. i didnt join the forums until early jan 2001 because i was still hooked on irc.

now i just real time chat every once in a while but i will definitely not forget irc

u can learn a lot of things at irc...

if not for irc, i would have never gotten into linux or unix based systems.

if not for irc, i would never have bought the music cd's i have in my collection now

if not for irc, i would never have bought the pc games that i am glad to own.

if not for irc, i would never have found out so much about 3d and digital video: it's industries, it's hardware, it's softwares, and especially it's awesome online community filled to overflowing with creativity and imagination and innovation

if not for irc, i would have had a hard time repairing, updating, and configuring my pc on my own instead of having to depend on others or worse yet pay others for resolving simple and not-so-simple or some complex pc problems.

and i could go on and on...

well if not for irc, i probably would have eventually found out about and everything else i mentioned above and then some but im sure i wouldnt have since i know my interests would have changed by then
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