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Originally posted by brunes69
Heres a reply to a bunch of comments:

Please name one X driver that works better than it's Windows counterpart? And define "works better" as well? From my experience the NVidia linux drivers work just as well as the Windows ones, with no issues, and also have advanced features not present in the Windows counterparts. Tough to beat.

Seeing I have used the drivers on 3 different systems with 3 different cards for years with no issues, I don't know where this is coming from. Fa rmore likely in my opinion you have either a) overheated hardware, or b) bad hardware somewhere.

The ATI open source people have all the details on the hardware, yet the drivers blow. They have horribly lacking 3d, no FSAA, no anisotropic filtering, no accelerated XRender, poor multiple display support... need I go on?

See above. Everyone says "Open Source would be better!!!" but actual evidence shows otherwise.

Where is this from? Open Source is about Software Freedom. It is about me being able to look at some software's code, learn something, and improve on it and release the benefits to all, free of restrictions and free of charge.

This does not apply to drivers. the benefits would only be realized by NVidia card owners who already bought the card, so its not free of charge. And the quality of the code would not be as good as from the sourc e(NVidia), because no matter what specs I have access to, 1) I don't have 40 hours a week worth of my time to invest in it, and 2) I didn't *DESIGN* the hardware, so I don't know the little quirks and optimizations I can make due to things that aren't really in the specs.

I would suggest you educate yourself in reality. The ATI experience is all you have to look at to know that Open Source + Specs is not as good as Closed Source from THE source.

Show me an ATI driver developed by the community that's even in the same ballpark as NVidia, and I will retract this. Until then, all your arguments are moot, since the real proof is right there with the ATI failure.
As you refuse to see that drivers are part of the system, i dunno what to tell you except that you are wrong...

Drivers are very much integrated into the system, AMD, Adaptec and lots of other companies have OSS'd their drivers, good tor them...

For me, a programmer with extensive knowledge about how the kernel works, with extensive knowledge about the X setup i still have problems with Nvidia drivers, if they had the source available i could make it better, but i don't even have the specs... so...

To me, i could just as well use any old card with a good ramdac and without any processor at all, i cannot use it anyway...

Do you understand that i feel cheated, oh, there are drivers for linux, well, they don't WORK, i would say that is pretty critical...
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