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Default Re: Any serious risk?

Overclocking is fine in my opinion, as said was long as you know what your doing and dont have your vcore at a very stupid high amount! ... ive been oveclocking my components(CPU\GPU)for a long time and over the years have never had anything fail on me(i sold a cpu a year back that i had overclocked for over a year, my m8 still has that same cpu running at the same overclock for 2 years now)! my current overclocks(see sig) are all rock stable! my cpu is on 1.41v 55c -56c Orthos load and 35c - 37c lidle(depending on room temps), my graphics card is ATItool stable, 50c idle and 65c ATItool load ... as long as you stress test, watch those temps and do proper stability tests you should be fine!
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