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Default Re: IE7 users, something to be aware of

Originally Posted by zoomy942
i am a one man show for my company. 60 machines and 4 (about to be 3 servers) for one guy to manage. no helpdesk, no teir 2. i'm it
At times I wish I had the servers, at other times I'm grateful that I don't.

Lets say Bob gets a new printer. I have to go and tell one guy "hey, I need a DHCP reservation". He says "tell the Network team to put it on the right VLAN". I talk to the Network team and they say its been on the right VLAN for weeks. Then I go back and the guy says "I don't know how to do DHCP, can you do it?" If I get permission to do the DHCP, then I have to wait on someone ELSE just get the damn queue set up on W2k3.

It's taken months to get printers set up. No lie.
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