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Originally posted by SnakeEyes
ATI has just made the jump to the new technology a bit ahead of nVidia, but this isn't anything that they haven't done before (Radeon -> GF2GTS, 8500 -> GF3).
Didn't the GTS come out before the Radeon, and the GF3 before the 8500??

That's the whole point... NVIDIA was always first with a particular generation (GTS - DX7, GF3 - DX8), and while ATI might have released a card a bit more advanced, they were late to the table. And this time the table is turned. The NV30 may be a bit more advanced, but it is substantially behind (much like the 8500 was to the GF3).

If this allowed NVIDIA to build its reputation and get to where it is today (or was yesterday), then why couldn't it do the same for ATI?

I'm still trying to figure out how the 9700 coming out months ahead of the NV30 is in any way similar to the 8500 coming out months behind the GF3...
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