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Default Re: A possible solution to the post-count ranking system?

I've mentioned before but I'll say it again...I post at a NIN forum (go figure) and the way they have post count work is that they've set a "standard" post amount for what they consider a single "post." I assume it does a character count, compares it to how many characters are in their standard, divides the actual post by the standard and then adds that number to your total post count.

So those who write a few HUGE posts will have, say 2400 adjusted posts, but maybe only 1700 actual posts (it shows your actual, adjusted and content percentage average on your profile page) while those that write a ton of miniscule posts may have 2400 actual posts, but only 800 adjusted posts.

I think I have over 2400 posts there and my adjusted post count is around 1070.5086 or something. I'm too lazy to login and check.

I don't know if that's viable here as that board is phpBB and this is vBulletin. But whatever. I like that system and it definitely takes the need to spam away.
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