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Default Re: Some BD players cannot handle BD+

Originally Posted by Lyme
Sweet, they brought in support. However, we all know how this really works.
1: The sales staff sell Grandma and Grandpa the big HDTV,the BlueRay player, and installation.
2: Grandpa being a fantastic four fan buys the new movie.
3: The disc doesn't work so he brings it back to the store to get a exchange. He can't really verbalize what is wrong, so it takes quite a while to get the message to him that he needs to download and burn on to a cd/dvd and update his BD player.
4: Grandpa isn't really tech savvy, which is why he paid for installation.. now he's pissed that he needs to pay $80 to have geeksquad come in and update his player.
5: Grandpa and Grandma:
A) Go back to watching DVD's only.
B) Get the BD player updated, but complain to their friends about BD.
C) Throw the BD player out and get a HD-DVD player.
D) Ask their grandson/granddaughter to fix the problem, the grandson/granddaughter bad mouth BD because of this.

From a consumers point of view, can't you see how stupid this update idea is?
No, it the same things with DVD players and recorders. When I bought Liteon LVW-5026 DVD recorder bundled with 50 free Philips DVD+R discs years ago, the recorder cant recorded on new blank Philips DVD+R disc because of compatible problem with new media discs, it required new firmware update. I read the Liteon LVW-5026 manual with instruction how to download and update the new firmware, I went to Liteon website and downloaded the iso image, burned to a blank CDRW disc and then inserted the CDRW into DVD recorder and it updated itself. After that, it recorded on the new media fine.

Same things with Blu-ray players and recorders, it should have instructions how to update the new firmware in the manual, I am sure Granpa wont have trouble reading and understanding the manual.
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