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Default Continued Struggle with Error 17

I'm trying an install of Ubuntu 7.04 on a stand-alone box, i.e. no dual boot with Windows. It's just a straight up Linux box.

The problem I'm having seems to stem from the use of SATA drives, and I can't seem to figure out the issue as of yet. I keep getting the GRUB Error 17 upon rebooting.

I've set Primary Master IDE to None and Primary Slave IDE to None in the BIOS. Primary IDE controller has even been disabled in the BIOS. After this and a clean install, I still get Error 17.

I've not started messing too much with the GRUB stuff as my skills are old, rusty, and not that awesome at the moment. I have tried the SuperGrub disk to no avail. I'll post that link when I get home tonight after work. I'm basically just trying to get some help on getting this going. I can't remember the drive setup (partitioning, etc.) right offhand at the moment. But, I can get the information and post it tonight.

Can you guys think of anything else that might be helpful for me to post to help remedy this issue?
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