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I want free(libre)drivers
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Originally posted by bwkaz
Are you saying that it's unstable because if the kernel oops'ed, the kernel people wouldn't support it?

That's not unstable, that's unsupported.

Unstable is "it oopses all the time"...
Not really unstable, but not *stable*. Sometimes this machine crashs hard and it shouldn't ever.
I think the drivers would be more stable if they were supported.
Originally posted by brunes69

Where is this from? Open Source is about Software Freedom. It is about me being able to look at some software's code, learn something, and improve on it and release the benefits to all, free of restrictions and free of charge.
Wrong. Cost has nothing to do with free software and the opensource term was coined in part to avoid this wrong association. The difference between free software and opensource
This does not apply to drivers. the benefits would only be realized by NVidia card owners who already bought the card, so its not free of charge.
But you still need a computer to run gnu/linux.
Originally posted by brunes69
maybe its your hardware setup. More than likely in my opinion. I have seen so many people complain about drivers when it was their overheated cards that it is not even funny.
I've had lockups from an inadequate powersupply and lockups from overheating. I know when those (and other things such as memory consistancy) aren't likely to be issues, so when things lock up it's most likely software, or at least fixable with software (such as the athlon bug).
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