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Len Lawrence
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Angry 32bit compatibility problem with latest Linux driver

Mandriva Linux 2007.0 - GeForce 7800 GTX
old driver 9755
new driver 100.14.11

The new driver installed perfectly on 64bit AMD and Intel dual core systems. Everything worked flawlessly at 1920x1200. glxgears returned 18000 fps. Not so good with
Google Earth however. That was working fine but with the new driver there are no compatibility libraries in /usr/lib/. All OK in /usr/lib64; libGL, libGLcore, nvidia-tls etc. Google Earth cannot be made to work with the 64bit libraries nor will it use older libraries based on the previous driver. I always install without options but I tried reinstalling in expert mode which prompted for a directory root for compatibility libraries - I told it to accept the default /usr but still no libGL in /usr/lib. Does anybody have any experience of this problem or know how to resolve it?

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