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Default Re: I't barely dx9.

Originally posted by phye2002
The default PS is 1.1 (hardly dx9 material), it's written in CG, and any CG capable hardware uses that as the rendering path. Any other card uses the none optimized path. Just so you know, Nvidia's official statement is that this game is what they accept as a gaming benchmark, as well as a dx9 benchmark. Curious that this game has less dx9 features in it than 3dmark03. If this were a complete dx9 game/benchmark, a Gforce Ti 4600 wouldn't be able to run it. Seems to me that since it is capable of running it, that this is (by Nvidia's own definition) not a true dx9 benchmark.
Feel free to argue this point with me, I'll just quote Nvidia's own press releases to back me up.
dx8, dx9,cg?? I don't care..
i much more enjoyed gunmetal than 3dmark
and gunmetal benchmark number gives direct gaming
performance data.
that's all

It think that games only run on fx and radeon 95xx or above
will not be released in 7years.
Abit is7-e, 2.4C@3.12,
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My english skill is poor.
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