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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Unfortunantly there is not much out there right now for good military payware, unless you want to buy from Alphasim or Iris, and in my opinion they make freeware quality stuff and charge $30-$40 for it. Their flight models and VC's are garbage compared to a high quality developer. Fortunatly there is some really nice stuff on the horizon though.

There is an awesome F/A-18 to be released on Oct 23rd with the FSX expansion pack:

Aerosofts F-16 is in Beta right now, and hopefully will be out out in a couple of months:

Otherwise I have made tons of military freeware and payware recommendations in this thread, with screen shots and location where you can download. If you like the B-52 for example, check this page.

I know there is a nice freeware F-14 available for FSX, but its not at avsim. Simviation and Surclaro have lots of military jets, and you can find the FSX F-14 at these places.

If I get more time I'll see if I can find the good ones and point them out, but I havn't really used freeware in a long time, since payware is so much better.

You best bet is to get the FSX expansion pack next week, as it will not only have the best military jet to date for FSX, but also the best P-51 and chopper to date, all for $30, which is cheaper than a lot of single aircraft addons.
Thanks SillyEagle for the feedback that was kind to point out a few links... I 'll try them. Also, I did some research and more reading in the FSX Acceleration thread, and it seems like this is the best addon for me. Thanks again for the recommendations.
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