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Default Re: 2moons?

hehe, I am almost lvl 50 now... man its been going slow. I think I may need to find a new dungeon soon, Nunvice isn't cutting it anymore

my current sword, I am an Azure Knight BTW, has two +33 Rhombuses and a +48 Rhombus.. pretty good, just used my only copper argate that I found and made it +1 so I am doing around 1200 damage per hit..

I think I may need to reset my stats because I focused mainly on str(right now my str is at 145 ) and my hp is at like 38.... I keep my dex at the minimum that is needed and I don't really add to my spr... I think it may be at like 14 or so...

I don't know if I am going to reset my stats, its working good so far, maybe I'll stop adding to my str and just focus on HP for a while... do something like 1 dex 4 hp or 1 str 1 dex 3 hp from now on.

When are you on Hirantha? Your name on there is "Hiranthadil" right? I haven't been able to whisper to you, I am mainly on bone server under "LORDeXBu"
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