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Default Re: Noob need advice!

Well the build went great and the PC is up and running fine. Initially had a few freezes at stock (mem at 800) and couldn't get the memory to run at 1:2 ratio (1066). This was due to running four sticks I think, so loosened the timings to (5-5-5-18), upped the delay to 43 and boosted the MCH volts by 0.1v and all was fine once I had done all three of those. The delay increase finally got it fully stable at 1066 but not sure what it was running before on auto. Once stable I dropped the ratio while upping the FSB until I reached my goal of 333 (CPU @ 3Ghz) and mem at 1:1.5. Upped the CPU voltage by one notch only and its stable as a rock (it might have been anyway without the increase)

Core Temps (using CoreTemp 0.95) are 55C running small FTTs in Prime after 6 hours, running blend they vary between 51 and 54 depending on FFT size so guess these are ok? Idle temps are low 30s. Now just need to replace the video card when the next gen is out and this should last me a little while.

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