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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06
WOW that's some beautiful water without doubt - great for tropical flying, but maybe not so good for North Atlantic waters. It will be interesting to get the lowdown on what this is, and it's scope and range.

Seems that Tims work is now going to get integrated in to FEX

Originally Posted by Abren
I am trying to post pics but all of them are about 380kb in Jpeg Format.
What do i do ?
Also is Fex worth the price of $44?
I Throw mine up at and then copy and paste the Thumbnail for forums (1) link to a new post in this thread (i kick mine back to jpeg compression lvl10 in PS first)

And yes i do believe FEX is/was well worth the $44 i payed for it

FSX or ASX just can not do the detail that FEX has in its clouds/sky

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