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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by bagman
Hi there

With all these different nVidia driver cleaning programs out there ( Detonator R.I.P, Driver Cleaner, Drive Sweeper etc ), when running those do they have any efffect on nHancer ?

I'm wondering about the files and registry entries they find and delete. Will that impact the running of nHancer ??

What about the nvapps.xml and the registry settings in respect of my video card that nHancer makes a backup of ?

Would those be deleted for example.

Am I being paranoid ??

Those tools won't affect the nHancer installation, but you should disable nHancer's autostart and shut it down before you use any of them or uninstall the driver.

After the new driver version has been installed, you can resume using nHancer.

And btw, I don't recommend using any of those tools. They do more harm than good, especially since every driver version has different files and registry settings, and those tools can't know the details about the latest drivers.

Just use the normal uninstall in "Add/Remove Software" and you should be fine.
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