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Default Kernel memory leak in nvidia driver?

Hi, I'm running Xorg 7.3 with the new 100.14.19 driver, on the recently-branched RELENG_7. I noticed that the nvidia driver seems to be slowly but surely leaking kernel memory. Currently, with a 2-day uptime and not really anything running:

$ vmstat -m | grep nvidia
nvidia 2314 69111K - 534373 16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096

Up from about 8MB when the system was first booted. If it goes long enough, it will grow to upwards of 100MB. Sometimes during heavy OpenGL use it will burst upwards of 150MB (but go back down afterward). Eventually it bursts high enough that I suffer a kmem_map too small panic.

I'm not sure if this started with 100.14.19, or if I just happened to be paying more attention to kernel memory due to my work with tuning ZFS (which is very kmem-intensive).

The burst allocations during intensive use make sense, but it seems like sometimes when a process exits not all of its resources are being freed. Simple OpenGL apps like xscreensaver are OK, but I can provoke the behavior easily by running games in Wine -- every successive launch / exit cycle eats more memory.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
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