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Default Re: 7 Days until the Crysis demo..

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
Take it or not. That's life... and I'm amazed you're depending this on freaking demo or beta. You already know the release date on retail version, buy it or not. I'm tired of hearing your or anyone's crap on "OMG, it's EA fault! I'm canceling my pre-order!" When it has nothing to do with EA but Crytek. They make reasonable decision to delay it... do you REALLY think they're doing this on purpose to piss you or anyone off?

Did you even have a chance to play the beta? Well, I did (hell, I played a bit at E3 even if it's not polished but I find it damn fun) and it's not quite all about graphics. The gameplay is actually cool but I guess your mind is already made up that it's all about graphics. That's fine, at least one less person that would enjoy Crysis at its fullest.

I did play the beta, and enjoyed it. It is EA faults like its been said a million times everything they touch, consider it a pile of junk. It didn't use to always be like that. Anyone who played any NFL games will know what I am talking about, when EA became corporate whores.

I know that Far Cry was published as a Ubisoft game. I know that Crysis first came around it was being published by them, and then we started seeing EA on the videos... just kind of transitioned over... at least thats what I seem to remember...
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