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Default Re: Noob need advice!

Originally Posted by TVRCerberaUK
Thanks for the welcome! Nice wheels! Just looked it up on wiki and see that is a pretty rare machine! I was in Florida back in April and it was great looking at all the different cars and trucks to what we have over here.

What happened at TVR was a bit of a nightmare as I understand. My car was new in 2002 so I haven't been back to visit the factory in Blackpool for a few years. Saw pictures of it a while back with half finished cars, unused fibreglass bodies just sitting outside etc.. its a real shame. There are rumours now and again of production possibly restarting (not wholly in the UK) but nothing happening so far.
Thanks for the complements on the truck, and taking the time to find out what it is. I would almost consider a straight trade for yours but I worked way too damn hard for mine.

The TVR situation is stupid, its a british car and it should remain that way. although it will be good if they start making them again. people dont realize how much a car company going under affects the car owners.

PAS was the "real" builder of the syclones, so finding parts is more than a nightmare. I dont wish that upon any car owner, unless its a Yugo.

BTW bump up that FSB to take full advantage of that RAM.
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