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Default At my wits' end...

I recently upgraded my router (see this thread) from an OLD Belkin 802.11b/WEP-only unit to a shiny new Linksys WRT54GL. I was able to get my laptop connected w/WPA2 enabled and everything's peachy there. Just today, I finally replaced my kid's old USB 802.11b adapter with a "g" model (the old one didn't support WPA), and it's up & running just fine.

My problem is that I cannot get my wife's work laptop (a new Dell) to properly connect wirelessly. This has been the case from day 1 of the new router. She's been connecting via hard line since then.

Using Windows' Wireless Zero Config, I'm able to get it to take the WPA2 key (it wouldn't using the Dell wireless utility), and it connects to the router, but then comes up with a message that the connection has "little or no connectivity."

I've made sure the MAC address isn't being filtered, and I can look in the router control panel and see the MAC address of the laptop, so I know they're "seeing" each other.

But for the life of me I can't get it to functionally connect.

Any ideas?
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