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Default Re: 7 Days until the Crysis demo..

Originally Posted by gulizard
I did play the beta, and enjoyed it. It is EA faults like its been said a million times everything they touch, consider it a pile of junk. It didn't use to always be like that. Anyone who played any NFL games will know what I am talking about, when EA became corporate whores.

I know that Far Cry was published as a Ubisoft game. I know that Crysis first came around it was being published by them, and then we started seeing EA on the videos... just kind of transitioned over... at least thats what I seem to remember...
That's coming out of your mouth and that doesn't mean it's true. I disagree with you on a lot of things about EA. Maybe you hate EA because you really don't have any idea what they're doing but just want to join the crowd on hating EA. Btw, you can't compare Crysis with NFL games... there's many NFL games while we get one Crysis, and both are entirely different genre so I'm going to ignore that. Hell, Crysis isn't even out yet! You and I only got a bit sample of Crysis but that doesn't give us a good reason that we played actual retail version because it's not.

Also you're missing few things... EA has done excellent with Command & Conquer 3 and they're still releasing patches for it. Also they're working on new expansion. Ok, hmm they have came up with excellent stakerboarding game, stake. It's one of best stakerboarding game in this generation. Hmm, now that they have bought BioWare and other developer... and those studios already clearifed that EA is not taking over in creative control but themselves. And more. Yet, people's STILL ranting about it like it's end of the world.

Light up and wait a bit more. Patient is a virtue.
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