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Default Re: Ubunt 7.10 is Out!

Originally Posted by grey_1
This is exactly why I'm done with it. Most of the fixes weren't difficult, and the OS is beautiful when everything works as advertised. I just want to spend the majority of my time USING, not FIXING the OS.

Debian 4.0 lets me do that. In all fairness, I'm going to try CF when I get the chance, I have no idea if that'll break x on me again, but that's a CF, not a Debian deal.
Let me know if you get CF to work on Debian. I haven't had much luck with Ubuntu 7.10 but hey, the Intel X3100 graphics accelerator isn't officially supported, aka no real drivers. GLXGears and all 3d screensavers work though. Somebody over at got CF to work but it doesn't work for me. Guess I just gotta wait for a response.
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