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Default Re: At my wits' end...

Originally Posted by ViN86
just to check, you realize that you have room for only 4 DHCP clients based on those settings right?

cause i mean, if you already have 4 computers connected, then there's your problem right there lol

try changing it to 10 and see if you can connect it. if not, change it back...
Good GOD!!! I'm such an IDIOT!!!


ViN86, it worked!!!! I can't believe I'm so stupid...

In the interest of security, I set this to 4, thinking we've go 2 laptops and 2 desktops here at home. Somehow, 4 DHCP clients isn't enough, though? I'll drop it one by one and see where the cutoff is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, guys, for all the help!!!

EDIT: Turns out, I needed 5. One for my laptop, one for my desktop, one for my kid's PC, and 2 for the wife's PC (one hardline and one wireless). Unbelievable.
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