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Default Re: 100.14.19 nvidia geforce go 7200 flashing and freezing

Originally Posted by pescez
hello, i have the very same issue on the same card, geforce go 7200 on a hp pavilion dv6146eu laptop: random screen freezes and if i switch to a VT when i get back to X the screen is definitely black and i can only ctrl+alt+backspace to start it again. Sure, i can move mouse arrow but it's useless. windows don't respond at all.

These freezes happen with or without compiz running and in most of cases it's firefox (swiftweasel) fault... i mean it's easy to freeze the screen just scrolling a webpage. It happened scrolling a text file in gnome-terminal too though.

I have to point out that there are two kinds of freezes: it happened that the screen froze but the system kept on going (and i know it because i was able to ssh and the music kept on playing) AND that i experienced short system-freezes. In these cases system is totally unresponsive but after a while it comes back.

i tried to startx with -logverbose 6 but i had an issue with permissions of .Xauthority file and i logged this errors in a startx.log file, so i can only post the nvidia-bug-report of an usual gdm session, and that other log of course.. Hope it helps.


edit: i forgot to say that i have never been able to use 100.14.11 version of nvidia drivers because it says my card is not supported, i used to run 9755 but i can't use it anymore after upgrade to gutsy, i can't figure out if it's related to xorg or to kernel. the annoying thing with 9755 was the famous black windows bug using composite window manager like compiz or beryl, for the rest it was great.
i have your pavilion, dv6146eu, and your great problems!!!!the only solution is use the 9755 driver, but the nvidia enginer work for our problems or not????this problem is old and know...
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