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Default Re: 7 Days until the Crysis demo..

Originally Posted by svetli_pp
No video card ages worse than a high end one. Yes there is a difference in the fps between gts and gtx but does it justify the difference in price which is twofold, and when you consider the near release of the 9th series things become not so clear as to which card is better for the moment. In the end it all depends mainly upon how much quid are you keen on ditching.When Farcry came out several years back I played it on a 5900XT and not Ultra on high instead of very high settings, and now when I try to play it and set everything on very high I can't say that I see so much of a difference, the same will apply to Crysis no doubt for me.
All cards age the same, if let's say a game comes out, and the gts dips below 30fps, and the GTX stays above it, then the GTX still has more value for money. I'd say that the high end ages the least if anything.
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