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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Using ubuntu 7.10 amd64, uninstalled nvidia-glx-new and installed 100.14.23, no working brightness controls with x still (or ability to set brightness at all!), only in console mode. Using a lenovo t61p w/ 570m quadro..

I mean no disrespect for nvidia engineers but.. What exactly was fixed again? I use compiz and have a t61p w/ 570m quadro so I should be hit for 3/4 of those fixes, but I don't notice any difference: I could already use full resolution with the nvidia driver and switch from compiz to console w/o problem, and with the exception of brightness controls, all my hot-keys already worked.

And nvidia engineers: I'd _really_ like brightness controls to work, its almost a necessity.
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