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Default Re: TDK declares Blu-ray the HD winner

Originally Posted by DaveW
At this point I don't anyone but a few nerds care who wins, they just want the format war to be over so the players drop in price and they know which type to buy.
That's how I feel.

I've got a PS3, so technically I've at least partially "invested" in BluRay. But honestly, I don't give a damn. I just want a $100-$200 player and $15-$20 movies. Right now, $30 HD movies are just highway robbery. If they don't push the price down overall, neither format is going to really succeed.

I think its going to take a long time for either format to get decent penetration. This isn't going to be like the transition from VHS to DVD. There were tangible benefits with IQ and convenience. With this transition, the only difference is IQ (AND OMFG SPECIAL FEATURES!). The vast majority of people can barely tell the difference (or enough of the difference) to even care about HD right now. Eventually DVD's are going to reach EOL, but its going to be because of an industry wide transition taking many, many years... not because of popular demand. For most people, cheap DVDs are "good enough".
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