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Default Nvidia with Ubuntu 7.10 problem

Hi everyone
I don't know if this problem have come up before in other threads but I'm going to post it.
I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 and when i install nvidia drivers using:
(1) sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx
(2) sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new
(3) using the restricted driver thingy in admin part.
i also change the xorg.conf file from "nv" to "nvidia"
all those work but when i go to restart X it does but then all the windows that i open have their title bars and borders missing.
i have tried this with all the 3 methods above
before it worked fine until i restarted the computer it then happened.

I'm using a laptop with a GeForceGo FX 5200

As I said it worked before and I even installed compiz and all the effeects and I used them for a couple of days and then suddenly this.
Can anyone help me please
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