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Lightbulb Got nvRAID ???

I realize I'm one of the few people who use nvidia's on-board RAID controller [& love it btw]; but it would be nice if nvidia released RAID drivers.

On nvidia's linux/bsd page, it doesn't even mention RAID drivers, only IDE/SATA.

I'm feeling a little left out, when I can't even install BSD or Linux onto my RAID arrays.

I am using eVGA's 122-M2-NF59 motherboard [w/nvidia's AM2 590SLI chipset] w/a AMD FX-62. I have two RAID arrays, a 0 and a 1. Both w/two SATA II drives. I'm so happy w/my motherboard & platform, it's not even funny. I've got more crap in my case, 5 int. & 1 ext. HDDs, & other stuff, but it's the most stable platform I've ever used; [no really it is]. [[Dual-boot w/XP Pro SP2 & Xandros Home Premium 4.1]].

Its the first time I've ever setup a RAID array, now that I've used it, I just don't think I could live w/out it; nor do I care too.

The only Linux distribution I can install on my hardware is Xandros Home Premium 4.1, which I bought. It has native RAID drivers, which I assume came from nvidia. No other Linux distro I can install w/out using a non-RAID'd drive, a couple crash even if I try to install to a standard IDE drive w/no raid, but it locks up when detecting the RAID drives.

No other Linux distro I've tried will install on my hardware, including ANY distro based on ubuntu; Fedora includes nvidia's SATA drivers, but not RAID. Yes, I've tried more than I mention here; [don't even suggest OpenSUSE, argh].

Xandros is a solid distro, perfect for windows converters, comes w/a full & free version of crossover office, which works better than wine [even though it shares the same base code]. But, Xandros has a slow release cycle, and their server costs 400 USD.

Since I'm building a small server, I want to use Linux or BSD as a server platform, but if I want to use RAID on it, I can't. RAID isn't critical for me to use it on, but I want too. Building a small server as a file & virtual machine server.

Same w/ BSD, I've been running PC-BSD in a virtual machine, and I really like it; very nice OS. But it even has less nvidia driver support than Linux. ARGH.

Some linux/bsd folks say onboard RAID controllers are fake, I disagree. It works better than using software emulated RAID imo.

To make a long story short [too late]; I realize linux &/or bsd may not be a priority right now, but it should be. In 10 years, microsoft will have to give away windows just to keep market share, I hope it doesn't take nvidia & others that long to catch up. Mark my words!

Linux & BSD is getting a larger server market every year.

RAID users may be the minority here, but it doesn't mean we should be ignored; consider the extensive & excessive cost of finding & buying add-on PCI or PCI-E RAID controller cards & a server that would support them.

Nvidia is closing the door on small businesses that could setup an easy & inexpressive RAID arrays for servers.

ATI has made commitments to the open source community, and I realize nvidia had better driver support for Linux/BSD before ATI even thought about it. I hope that trend continues.

Please nvidia, if you are going to release platform drivers, release it for the entire platform; including RAID.

PS: No, I'm not an ATI hater btw, we all need competition.

PS: And no, I'm not installing Windows ME v2 either.

PS: Sorry for the long post, but thanks for letting me vent...
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