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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

Originally Posted by Erwan Le Pennec
Hi everyone,

1. suspend-to-ram and suspend2 (tuxonice)
2. both works but it seems than once I've suspended on disk I can't suspend on ram anymore...
3. 100.14.19 on a fedora core 6 (kernel-suspend2-
4. NV110M on a Dell D620
5. To suspend on disk I have to run an opengl application (try glxgears) before suspending... as hinted by Nvidia's documentation. It seems related to "a strange bug" with PCI express!

Erwan which was amazed by the "run glxgears to suspend on disk" trick!
I just upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy, and I too have found that I have to run glxgears to suspend now. Bizarre...
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