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Originally posted by Spectral
Just got the Radeon 9700 Pro the other day...

At stock speeds I hit 13,030.. which isnt that impressive.

Gonna see how far I can overclock it. I wish the 2800+ and nFORCE2s were out *drools*
mmmmm... Nforce2... DDR400, AGP8x... mmmmmm, AthlonXP will never be the same once that baby releases!

as far as your 3dmark score, it seems decent to me, but I'm sorry to report I do know of some Radeon 8500 users that were able to reach that score as well. But those people usually overclock the hell out of the CPU past 3ghz using water cooling, and the GPU using volt mods and heavy heatsinks so don't feel too bad. For you, I'd wait for ATI to tweak their drivers some more and I'm sure you'll see a boost. Afterall R9700 is new.
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