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Default home theatre/hd/cable dillema

o.k. i'll do by best to ask this question properly.......

i have a panasonic plasma
comcast cable box hd
lg compact 2:1 home theatre system

i have the cable box hooked to t.v. via hdmi cable
dvd hooked to t.v. via hdmi cable
then the red and white wires from dvd to cable

i have sound out of the t.v and speakers when watching a movie - i want this all the time....
however, when watching t.v. (cable) we can only get sound through the two speakers and not the t.v. at all unless i remove the wires from the dvd and use the red/wht wires directly from t.v. and plug into same place in the cable box that the dvd red/wht wires but then i only get sound from t.v and not speakers....

how do i get sound from t.v. and speakers at all times?? please help
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