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Default XvMC, mplayer, where is

My problem: I cannot find the in the NVIDIA Solaris drivers for XvMC support in mplayer under Nexenta.

I have installed Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris. And, I have (manually) installed the drivers from NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-100.14.19. I am trying to play HDTV MPEG2 video though mplayer. I have compiled mplayer and its prerequisites with the appropriate options, and the video streams are provided via an HDHomeRun device.

My CPU is barely not able to keep up when playing through just the xv or x11 devices -- the CPU is an AMD Athlon64 3200+. I would like to try using the xvmc driver, supposing that it will give enough improvement to make the videos playable.

In Nexenta, I have installed the libxvmc1 and libxvmc-dev packages, and have compiled mplayer for XvMC support. However, mplayer expects the file /etc/X11/XvMCConfig to point to the appropriate device specific XvMC driver, such as in Linux. However, I cannot find this library in the Solaris drivers, and do not know how to test XvMC support, otherwise. I see the 100.14.19 drivers mention updates to XvMC support, so I suspect it is there, and I just do not know how to use it.

Any suggestions?


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