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Default Re: Will we ever see an amd64 NVidia driver for FreeBSD?


Just want to congratulate Harvey Pooka for taking the initiative to setup the wiki page so everyone can quickly see the progress made on this issue. I hope its kept up to date. Given the support and openness of Zander and Nvidia thus far I don't see why this would not be the case. Thanks guys

I wish there was a little more involvement from the FreeBSD dev team here though. I know they are probably working on certain aspects of the features Nvidia needs but I always find FreeBSD Dev info hard to come by(searching mailing lists is not my idea of fun, I guess they are busy coding). Has anyone got some links they could post so I can watch the progress in more detail? Or tips on finding this info?

If only I had the skills to do kernel Development to help but I would hazard a guess that my coding skills are less than capable of such a task.
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