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Thanks for the advice guys. I am quite happy at 3GHz at least until I upgrade the graphics card as I am sure that is where I am limited now.

Originally Posted by gulizard
You're rich ... I found a youtube video of some guy in the UK. He must of been into pirating because he had like 10 hard drivers with lebels on them such as movies, games, etc.. Anyway dude built like a 4000 dollar pc.. Was crazy.. sorry to go off topic but that just reminded me.

So I was interested in where you read all this information, so I could do some reading, and in return learn everything you've done to correct the problems you were having. Either you're a near genius or catch on quick. I know a lot about pc's and the basics but man that was clever. Good Luck with the PC..
Certainly not rich unfortunately. Getting married next year so all money is going to that and honeymoon. I should have really waited to do the upgrade but just couldn't Here is a report of what I did basically and don't think there is anything clever in it.

I work for a large IT company for the last 9 years doing some development and consulting etc.. but haven't built my own PC from scratch before, just upgrades.

After starting up the PC at stock (FSB=266, mem at 1.5 ratio = 798MHz) I then installed Vista and downloaded CPUz and Prime95. I then started getting freezes and the odd blue screen sometimes while priming sometimes just at desktop. More searching for similar issues on the net suggested memory. So I started with the voltages which I hadn't touched and were all set to auto. From the crucial website memory uses 2.2v and in my bios it had defaulted to 1.8v. Set voltages to manual and memory to 2.2v. All seemed fine and primed ok for a few hours and I thought that must have been it. I then decided to increase the ratio to 1:2 to get the memory running at its stock speed of 1066. Result was an instant freeze after rebooting. Set it back and did some more searching and found some posts regarding memory timings which again I hadn't touched. They were all set to auto detect (set by SPD) so set to the memory defaults of 5-5-5-18 (from CPUz SPD tab although I think the memory is rated at 5-5-5-15) and put the ratio back at 1:2. The system was a bit more stable but still froze a bit. Did more searching regarding problems with 4 sticks and found posts saying to up the MCH voltage by 0.1v. Tried that and it still froze a bit. More searching found a post saying that running four sticks should increase the memory delay to 43 to 45. I set it to 43 and since then it has been perfect. Ran prime all night on blend no problem. Once satisfied the memory was running at stock ok I then did my overclock. I just lowered the ratio in steps (to stop overclocking the memory) as I increased the FSB to up the processor speed. Went to 2.6, then 2.8 and finally 3Ghz (fsb 333) with prime tests at each stage to check temps. When getting to 2.8 I upped the CPU voltage by just one notch and it has been perfectly stable. As you can see not clever at all just lots of trial and errors! If I ever build another Pc I will manually set all the memory settings right at the start. Running the memory at 1.8v when it should be set to 2.2v is a bit stupid!

Luieburger - The memory strapping post I found confused me completely which is why I asked about it in my initial post. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else so I just did what you do and set it to anything I like regardless of FSB speed. In my case I just want to get the PC stable with just the CPU overclocked at the moment so just set the ratio to run the mem as fast as possible towards 1066Mhz.

I will experiment with lowering the delay a bit and find a point where its still stable but so far I am happy with how it is running. Once I get the latest GPU when its out I am pretty sure I will be upping the fsb a bit depending on CPU temps.

Thanks again for all the help guys. I must apologise for not providing any links to the forums I read. I literally just did a search then picked a link but the forums were probably like this site and the abit forums.
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