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Default Re: Segfault in Firefox (GeForce 7600, Linux 2.6.9, JOGL)

Thanks for your reply. Firefox as browser?

I don't know what NV110M is, but I see you are running the beta version of the next version of the driver, and you have a more recent linux kernel. This suggests trying the beta version myself, with hopes that this issue has been resolved.

Updating the Linux kernel would be quite a bit more work just to see if it fixes the problem. I have a dual x86-64 with an ASUS motherboard on which the Linux 2.6.9 (CentOS 4.5) version is supposed to be more stable. I don't want to screw up the rest of the machine until I can diagnose this more specifically as a problem with the kernel. (This is the help I came here expecting to find!)

Yes, I imagine it is difficult to test every functionality on every card. But at the moment, I am concerned more about how difficult it is going to be to start a successful business that relies on JOGL applets, if customers that go to the page have their browser crash.

I will be more comfortable when I know why this is occurring - I will have a target to work around. Hopefully, I will hear back from Roland Hui by the end of the week.

But in the meantime, any additional assistance here would be greatly appreciated!!!
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