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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: I't barely dx9.

Originally posted by heedory
GF256 was released in 1998. (maybe wrong)

as far as I know, there is no game that doesn't run on GF256

and D3 and unreal will be most popular game engine.

I dont wanna argue with it. just my humble opinion..

I'm not guru of 3d ...

point is dx8 hardware will longlive
There are a crapload of games which can't even run on anything less than a Geforce3/8500 today. If you think it's gonna take 7 years to start seeing DX9 only games you're sadly mistaken. More like 7 months!

Edit: BTW has anyone gotten this benchmark to work on an 8500? Somehow I doubt they tested it at all on ATI cards....
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