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Default VGA to Component Video cable

I have an Asus A8N-VM CSM system board with the NVidia 6150 onboard, It has S-Video, Composite, VGA and DVI-D (Not DVI-I from what I understand). I was running a DVI-HDMI cable into my Samsung TX-R3079 TV, but for some reason the TV now claims that nothing is plugged into the HDMI port anymore. I have tried a different cable, but it still doesn't detect a signal. I was running 720p even though the TV indicates it will work with 1080i.

So, I'm trying to do VGA to component video. I did this a long time ago with an ATI video card so I have a VGA-Component cable not a converter. What settings do I need to set to get this to work. I'd really like to avoid spending $100-$200 for a converter (still cheaper than fixing the TV though). At least with the component video I have a DVD player that I can test with. I don't have anything else that produces HDMI. I also have a DVI to Component device, but I understand from reading about the board I have that It can't do Analog DVI, so that again is out without buying a converter.

The case I'm using doesn't allow the use of any addon cards.

I'm running AMD64 KUbuntu presently with the NVidia drivers.

Thanks for any help
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