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Default Re: 100.14.19 nvidia geforce go 7200 flashing and freezing

Until now everything worked fine including berryl or compiz for me. I used 1.0 9755 on my notebook A6T with Geforce Go 7300. No flickering, no hang ups. I had to choose 1.0-9755, as newer driver-versions had the flickering and hang-up problem.

Recently I installed the new Ubuntu-Version Gutsy Gibbon. Unfortunatly the 1.0-9755 kernel-module does not compile anymore. Same holds for 100.14.09.

This issue seems not to be related to the kernel-version, as I had the same kernel compiled for the previous Ubuntu-Version, which perfectly worked with the 1.0-9755-driver.

Newer driver-versions do compile but the already discussed flickering and hang-up-problem remains. Adding idle=poll to the kernel as kernel-parameter does not help, but instead increases CPU-temperature by about 10C.

At the moment the only solution for me is not to use the nvidia-driver. The open-source driver nv works fine, but unfortunatly has no direct-rendering-capabilities.

I'm a little bit disapointed now, because I have choosen a Geforce-based notebook because of the good driver. It is a little bit hard to understand, why an older driver supports my GPU and newer ones do not.
Also it seems that there is a lot of people with this problem, which would justify the necesary debugging.

So, could please anybody check this does-not-compile-issue for the 1.0-9755 driver? Or, which for sure would be better, include Geforce Go 7300-support in newer driver-versions?

Btw, is there a Bug-Tracking-System somewhere?

If help with testing or concrete error-messages is needed contact me.

Thanks in advance
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