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Default Nvidia drivers do not Recognize my Geforce go 7700

I have an ASUS A8js, Nvidia Geforce go 7700, and have just finished installing the recently released Ubuntu 7.10.

My issue is that after successfully installing the Nvidia drivers for my card (1.0-9755) and restarting my computer, i am greeted with a window telling me that my monitor and or card have not been recognized properly and that i should run in low graphics mode.

I know for sure this isn't my bios because the card works in XP, and i've tried using Envy to do a re-installation of the driver and configuration of the Xorg.conf file and came to the same problem. I have also tried using an older version of the driver (1.0-9746), with the exact same result.

I'm a linux noob so i may be missing something blatantly obvious so feel free to suggest anything you can think of. Thanks in advance for any help.
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