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Default Re: Flight Simulator X: ACCELERATION (official thread!)

I don't know that it is holographic, but one developer had this to say about it. I don't know what a GDI+ HUD is though.

Some of the best known third-party individuals were contracted by ACES to model the a/c and program the gauge systems. In fact, the F18 has the first fully GDI+ HUD in the VC, something that no one has been able to accomplish to date!
Another said this:

Virtuali s.a.s. created the virtual ****pit for the F/A-18a including all of the 3D gauges and functioning glass panels. The radar page was a great surprise as we didn't think we would get that late in the game, but it is very cool. They did an amazing job on this ****pit and all of the functionality in it, and I couldn't be happier with their work. If you have seen the Cloud 9 F4 Phantom, you will be familiar with their work and the F/A-18a is a real standout. Virtuali s.a.s. also created the glass gauges for the EH-101 which turned out nice as well.
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