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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

Originally Posted by tier
I would recommend you to buy one 8500GT. The 8400GS is too slow for nice compiz effects..
You can get passiv cooled 8500GTs for about 70€ here in germany :-)
Keep in mind that by buying Geforce 8xxx you will loose hardware accelerated mpeg-2 decompressing as Geforce 8xxx family has no XvMC acceleration at all. That is why I recommend Geforce7. Nvidia said there is no support for XvMC on Geforce8 planned in near or further future (XvMC for Geforce8 has ultra low priority on Nvidia's todo list so it might be never supported). So be aware of this missing feature as I met some unhappy people when they realized what they bought and are angry that older Nvidia hardware has more features.
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