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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

Originally Posted by bgamari
Personally, I can not recommend NVidia if you intend on running Linux on the machine. The closed-source drivers are a source of endless issues and even if they are ever stabilized, the development model simply is not sustainable. If you are looking for quiet and cool, I would go with an Intel integrated chipset (the X3100 has decent performance and open-source drivers). On the other hand, if you do wish to have something with better gaming performance, ATI's new cards should soon have full open-source drivers and specifications, and will more than meet your needs.

While I have been loyal to NVidia in the past, I can no longer recommend them with the continued difficulty I and numerous others have had with their lack of universally reliable Linux support. I hope this helps and good luck,

- Ben
a) if you hate nvidia so much, what are you doing here?

b) most people don't have any problems with the nvidia drivers.

c) this can't be said for ati users

d)intels 'graphic card' performance is so sub par, that it is ridiculous to compare it with anything made by nvidia.

e) see a).
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