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Default Re: What NVidia-Card for Linux

this is a (the) support forum for people who have problems with their nvidia cards and linux. So you'll find a lot of people having problems here. That is the nature of this board.

If you want to see the real picture there are two groups to consider:
other support forums
'offline', 'real life' encounters.

Other support forums: almost all people having problems are ATI users. Almost nobody using nvidia cards has problems. Nvidia users are the big happy crowd where stuff just works.

'Offline': The nvidia drivers for linux are even better than their windows relatives. Windows: change card (7600 --> 8600 --->6600 -->7600) requieres reinstallation of the driver every single time+ some clicking around until the dual monitor setup works again like it should (just seen on a friends machine). With linux, nothing has to be done. One card out, next one in, boot. Bingo, everything works perfectly fine. Nothing has to be done.

Apart from that, I have never met a linux+nvidia user outside of support forums who had problems. linux+ati? Yes. Linux+nvidia? No.

To say 'there are lots of people in this forums with problems, so there must be something wrong' is like saying 'all car drivers drive cars, so everybody in the world must drive a car'.

I had to decide roughly 10 days ago: 8600GT or a 2600XT.
There were some very strong arguments in favour of the ATI card: cheaper, free drivers coming soon.

I bought the nvidia card - because I don't want to wait for some free driver in a couple of month and have to deal with pure crap until then AND nvidia never disappointed me. Since my first nvidia card (a 2mx 400), nvidia was never problematic for me. Before the 2mx I owned a Xpert2000 - and it was hell. The daily crash was inevitable.

btw, a lot of problems have been solved with videocard bios updates in the past...
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